Cookie Eyeballs

Making these halloween treats only require a quick trip to the supermarket. They’re easy to make while being high on the fright factor.


chocolate sandwich cookies
round chocolates
strawberry syrup, Twizzlers or 
      a candy decorating pen


1  Take apart a sandwich cookie and place a piece of round chocolate in the crème center to make your "eyeball."

2  Decorate the crème with red "veins" using syrup, Twizzlers or a red candy decorating pen (if you have one).

Decorating tip: Using strawberry syrup to create veins? Make it gooey with the help of cornstarch! Dissolve a teaspoon of starch in a tablespoon of cold water to thicken a cup of syrup. Heat your syrup and add dissolved starch mixture. Stir constantly until it simmers. Let it cool slightly. Transfer to a zip lock bag and snip one corner to pipe in your veins.


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